On numbering in some of my story titles.

Something I wanted to explain about my story posts is that most of them take place within the same story world. However they are not all based in the same reality as each other. My world spans a multiverse and will occasionally jump from one to another. This goes for the all my shorts, serials, and novels I have planned.

In an attempt to plan ahead and to hopefully give some eventual clarity to some of the stories and where they take place in relation to each other I will be giving them a number in parenthesis next to the name which will be each of their designations within my multiverse.

These will range from the one most of my books take place in, which of course is number 1 all the way to the one my serial takes place in which is 63. The first few shorts are going to be set in the same one as my books.

For any that are stand alone they will have no designation. There is only a few of these and I don’t think any are planned for the first year, but it could happen. Typically these are the ones that would be set in our real world.

Most of this won’t matter too much till later when the worlds start taking shape once the books start coming out, but I felt it would be a good idea to explain why the shorts will have numbers in their names.

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